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Fitness person drinks albumen pink to must use shake cup, why not recommend common cup?

Exercise person drinks protein powder to complement protein this is the daily life of a lot of people, shake well before drinking, need to use shake cup, whether have a bit redundant?
If what you seek advice from is a reliable "albumen pink gamer", suggest to use shake cup certainly, manufacturer rolled out electric shake cup even, shake cup of albumen pink commonly, there is fluctuation inside cup shake spring, the purpose that does so has only one: let albumen pink dissolve adequately into water.
Why not recommend plain water glasses? Most ordinary water cups do not have the ability to shake the mixture well. At most, put the lid on and shake it a few times, or use a spoon to stir it. There is a problem with this, it is difficult to mix the protein powder completely with the water, and even appear granular.
The protein powder that does not shake well enters human body intestines and stomach, still need superfluous moisture, this can appear human body absorbs insufficient image. This is why old fitness drivers recommend using a shake glass, since protein powder cans are all bought, buy a professional shake cup collocation does not increase how much expenditure.
Finally, it is recommended to use shaking glass, cold water or warm water to wash protein powder, because hot water will lead to protein denaturation, which has an impact on the efficient absorption of protein powder. Of course, the amount of water can not be too little, too little nature can not be fully dissolved. Too much water can lead to poor taste. General protein powder jars have instructions for use, according to the use of basic is the most scientific.
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