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Mengniu helps FIFA World Cup light protein powder boost "the era of public health

As the official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, mengniu dairy has repeatedly appeared in various venues in Russia, which is particularly eye-catching. The "high-profile" appearance of mengniu has aroused the collective attention of fans and audiences around the world. Recently, mengniu dairy industry has once again raised the tide of new concepts and created a masterpiece -- mengniu light protein powder, which injected new elements into the "great health era" and opened up a new era.
On June 17, the new product launch of mengniu light protein powder and the launch meeting of the "healthy and beneficial e-space" project were held in langfang, hebei province. China's national badminton team coach TaoJiaMing, before the national top hospital nutrition doctor zhang, mengniu group, normal temperature Shanghai regional sales general manager wang wei, mengniu dairy market at room temperature, shine light brand group brand management center function department attended the launching ceremony, "pratt &whitney e health space" program, this paper introduces the "big health era" big strategic move into a new retail, innovative marketing concept.
At the launching ceremony, tao jiaming, coach of China's national badminton team, introduced that mengniu is a well-known brand in China, one of the top 10 dairy companies in the world and the only dairy sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We burn energy during exercise, and the burning of proteins in our muscles causes premature fatigue and difficulty recovering from fatigue. Before and after motion seasonable compensatory protein, can help reduce muscle injury degree effectively, promote the recovery after motion, the choice is high grade protein is crucial.
According to the introduction, in June 2018, mengniu dairy industry once again set off a wave of public health nutrition, and the great work of the middle year -- mengniu light protein powder was grandly launched, injecting new elements into the "new era of public health" and opening up a new era. Mengniu light protein powder is a brand new product with imported whey protein powder as the main raw material. The added amount of whey protein powder is up to 70%. Whey protein is a high-quality protein with high nutritional value that can be easily digested and absorbed. It is also rich in 8 kinds of calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins and other fortified nutrients, which is the first choice of healthy people.
With the implementation of the 13th five-year plan, the concept of healthy China has been upgraded to the national strategy. The emergence of the concept of "big health" integrates several scattered sectors such as medical treatment, health care, biology and medicine into a whole, and the new concept covers a larger market space. Since last year, the central government has explicitly reiterated the call of "implementing the strategy of healthy China and developing the health industry", which not only elevates the concept of "health" to a new strategic height, but also provides a rare favorable policy and development environment for the rise of China's large health industry in the future.
Compared with the traditional mode, "healthy and inclusive e-space" is another innovative work of mengniu focusing on new retail. By integrating online platform, new media and physical network, it provides users with cross-channel and seamless quality experience of integration and interoperability, and promotes on-demand access to users' needs.